Escape Rooms

Since becoming popular in the United States in the last 5 years, we have created the visual and practical elements for numerous escape rooms. We have the capabilities to design visually immersive games, with customized, theme appropriate puzzles designed to be challenging to the players and quick to reset for the staff. 


  • Conceptual Walk-Through: A journey through the escape room from the perspective of the players starting with a backstory for the room, a proposed floor plan, and a detailed explanation of every puzzle in the game from start to finish.  

  • Puzzle Guide: A breakdown of every puzzle (and red herring) in the game with answers.

  • Progression Checklist and Hints: A step-by-step guide to make sure players are progressing through the game in the appropriate amount of time, as well as suggested hints for each puzzle to help them through every step of the game.

  • Reset Checklist: A list to follow to ensure your game is reset and ready for the next group with maximum efficiency.

  • Custom Themed Puzzles: Unique puzzles designed specifically themed for your game.

  • Duplicates: Players can be rough on puzzles, and can sometimes lead to damaged puzzles. So as a precaution, we provide a duplicate set of all puzzles just in case things get a little crazy.   

  • Durable Set Design: Escape rooms are not your normal walk-thru attraction. Players will most likely be touching everything, so we aim to build the environment they are in to be able to withstand the enthusiasm of the players, while maintaining the high level of detail that we are known for.

Image Courtesy of Escape Room Pittsburgh

Image Courtesy of Escape Room Pittsburgh

Image Courtesy of Escape Room Pittsburgh

Image Courtesy of Escape Room Pittsburgh

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